The Source

"The Source" is an interactive piece created for the DI-EGY Festival Exhibition, and took place in Gezira Art Centre, Cairo, Egypt, from 27th of March until 10th of April 2013.This installation becomes a virtual space of sonic and visual compositions created in real time based on information captured from various locations around the world. XML and other data feeds from environmental sources are used by the system to define the score according to random events such as solar wind speed, earthquakes, or average temperature of specific geo-locations. The composition consists of layers/channels that exist from macro to micro structures, manifesting as granular noises, high-pitched frequencies, or low-bass resonances for the audio domain, and as spectrograms, streaming data text, or colorized planes for the visual domain. Moreover, streaming audio is received from various sources around the globe, or 3D objects morphed and animated according to specific events. A computer vision system is implemented within the space to track visitors' position and movement as this is the interaction method to interpolate between the different composition layers. When in stasis, the composition returns to a static and almost inactive position. 
This installation was co-created with Mike Phillips and Ziad Ewais, iDAT, Plymouth University.

Tags: processing, sonic, exhibition, visual, Unity, computer vision, composition

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