Cloud - An Interactive Chandelier

In the middle of a private office in Athens there is a "cloud" of circular panels that form an interactive chandelier with the use of LED RGB strips. The conceptual design of this permanent installation is by mabarchitects. Different levels of the cloud have different LED channels, enabling more sophisticated lighting compositions. The system is controlled by Arduino and DMX controllers, using a wireless TCP/IP communication from remote locations (like desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets). Custom software has been developed in Processing and Android that allows us to control the installation using a variety of input parameters. In more details we can control the system using the following mode:
- Manual control - separate level and RGB channel (color and light intensity)
- Mood light - automatic smooth transitions through the color spectrum
- Use keywords (such as 'romantic', 'cool', 'relaxing', and so on) to extract automatically color themes from online design patterns
- Use environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, wind speed) from all over the world to control the chandelier
- Semantic analysis via Twitter (identify mood to project results through light).

Tags: processing, interactive, dmx, lighting, installation, arduino, android

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