Status Club System Installation

In summer 2009 SoniconLab installed in Status Club in Hersonissos Crete a unique multimedia system with great possibilities for automation, multiscreen support, image processing and projection mapping. The system consists of four projection screens (1 back screen projection 5m*70cm, 2 screens 2.5m*1.4m, and 1 screen 1.5m*70cm), 6 projectors, 3 computers, and a software program that was developed for the demands of this installation.

The system controls the synchronization between computers so that the same thematology is projected in the four screens, however with different visual material that closely match each section best (for example in the Dj booth area there are projected musical elements, in the bar area drink and cocktail elements, etc). For this installation there have been created dozens of different themes that are selected automatically according to the intelligence of the system. This may be defined for example from the time of the day, day of the week, club capacity, volume analysis, or even be triggered remotely by a user (iPhone/Android app). The selected themes can be upgraded very easily, even automatically, using a specific network location (accessed by the main user).

The main interface of the program allows the control of the projectors - luminosity, contrast, blackout, etc - as also to add new playlists of videos, visuals, images. Following, may see some of the visual themes that have been created for Status Club, and also the main intro video for season 2009-2010.

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