Multiscreen Media Installation

SoniconLab developed this media installation in Fougaro Live in Heraklion Crete that consists of a multiscreen projection screen of 7x1.7 meters, a software program that controls the visual compositions, and a processing unit that is responsible for the system functionality. A large dataset of visual clips was created to assist the imagery the is projected on this large screen, and further than this there are visual modules inside the software that allow realtime visualizations based on music and sound analysis. Finally, the system can be programmed with preset functions for easier access and control, use time and date properties, advertising modules (videos/flyers/posters), connect live cameras, and control the whole system remotely via tablets or mobile phones. Moreover, the database can be updated using cloud services.



Tags: vjing, multiscreen, projection, visuals, clubbing, remote, visualizations, shows, app, cloud

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