RAI Club - Multiscreen Installation

In this installation, a multiscreen environment was created that consists of 8 screens of maximum resolution of 8.192*6.144 pixels. VJ Mode 1.5 from SoniconLab has been installed to control the whole installation. The program is able to define the content for the array of screens that are connected from the multiple graphics cards outputs, and different settings are applied so that separate control for each screen is possible (i.e. keystone, color correction, brightness). The final image can be displayed on all projections either as a full image, or as separate images on each screen. This can be set in real-time, and it can be controlled automatically or manually.

Moreover, a specific function was programmed for this particular installation to be able to control hundreds of meters of LED lights from inside the program using the DMX protocol. This allows the user to create really impressive shows, using properties of the projected visuals to set the color mood of the physical light bars that have been installed on walls, bars, and DJ decks. 

A large number of visuals have been created specifically for this installation. These visual clips include audio visualizations, VJ-style motion graphics, and logo/text animations that can be triggered and layered in real-time. Also, a large number of visual processing effects can be applied to the final image creating very easily thousands of different eye-candy projections.

All functions of this system can be automated giving the user the opportunity to concentrate on higher-level selections for the visual show. Absolute control is never comprised, and visual complexity and quality become obtainable and allow to support  many different shows and events whenever is needed.

Tags: vj mode, vjing, multiscreen, visuals, shows, multiscree

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