Rafinaria Club - Projection Mapping

This installation involves the creation of a sculpture that is placed on the wall of the DJ decks of Rafinaria Club, and it acts as a screen that receives video projections from the software application VJ Mode 1.5. With the use of projection mapping functions that are created using the application, a total of 9 different projections are set and controlled. Each surface plane is able to receive a part of the final image, or a separate video file, creating complex visual structures that depending on the demands of the user. A large database of visuals has been created to support this projection mapping and it includes live generated visuals, rendered 2D/3D motion graphics, videos, and static images. The process has been automated for the end user so that higher functions to be controlled with great easiness and efficiency.

Tags: vj mode, installation, projection, visuals, clubbing, show, design, sculpture, mapping

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