Qualia Visualizations

Qualia is a ground-breaking new digital technology and research project that aims to revolutionize the way audience experiences are at arts and culture events. The project is funded by Digital R&D for the Arts, Qualia is a new way of collecting audience profile information, providing real-time evaluation and feedback, as well as measuring impact indicators at cultural events. 

i-DAT is responsible for developing the technology of this project together with Eric Jensen (University of Warwick)Nathan Gale (Intercity)Mutant Labs, and Elixel. This includes face and smile recognition of live camera feeds, sentiment analysis tool calculating mood from social media, a web engine used of data capture and processing, iPhone and Android apps for personal control, public information kiosks and interactive feedback points, and a digital art installation.


For this project we were responsible in developing a real time visualization in Processing for the main screen. The visualization is driven by real-time mood and emotion calculations captured from social media, and an organic form is animated based on these averaged conditions. Following is an image of the visualized logo.


Tags: processing, interaction, data, visualization

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