Poseidon's Pull


Poseidon's Pull is a collaborative art installation that intends to record, decode, and perceive possible hidden messages from the ancient Greek god of sea, Poseidon, and then provide a public interface that allows participants to virtually navigate in the collected data pool. The installation has been exhibited so far in the following venues:


- WSU Museum of Art (Pullman-Washington, USA)

- Ionion Center for Arts and Culture (Kefalonia, Greece)

- Gezira Art Centre (Cairo, Egypt)




The project involves a large development effort, as a number of international collaborators from around the world have to record GPS data in close-by sea areas. Each participant uses a floating vessel of preference (boat, ship, canoe, etc), and follows a semi-random sea route for a considerable amount of time. During this route, a GPS device records location data, and speed as well. The whole process is documented using video cameras. When the ritual of this process finishes, the video and the location data are implemented into the main system.





In the installation space the user uses a ship rope to pull and activate the process of exploration of all the recorded activity from the participants. With every participant interaction, a new route is revealed on the screen, showing the route of the current selection as well as the information that was captured. A second interface was also developed, using a bowl of water (as you may see in the picture below). The participants had to put their hands inside and disturb the water, causing the computer vision system to control the navigation of the system. This interaction was chosen to be implemented as it made a clear reference to the "Water", which is the most important element in this installation, and also it relates to the Power of Poseidon...able to control ships only by one touch.


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If you like this project and you want to learn more, you can send an email to Soniconlab (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), or visit the project's official website here: http://www.poseidonspull.com/

Tags: interactive, computer vision, art, interface

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