MultiTouch Tabletop

This tabletop was developed from SoniconLab to provide assistance to venues, exhibitions and interactive performances. It uses a rear-projection technology to enable the tracking of blobs (fingers, hands, motion) and fiducial markers. A number of applications have been developed to suit different projects, as for example the real-time audiovisual system that is shown below. This system allows many participants to collaborate to the music and visuals that are created in real-time. Each tangiblefiducial object is recognized from the computer vision system that is implemented inside the tabletop, and triggers an action - such as reproduce an audio sample that is automatically sequenced with the rest of the channels. Therefore, the final music composition is defined by the participants' actions, creating an unexpected and very impressive result.

Tags: processing, interactive, audiovisual, multitouch, tabletop, tangible, participatory

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