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Matrix Club is one of the best nightclubs in Crete that supports big international dance events with clubbers visiting from around the world. In Matrix, SoniconLab managed to develop a complete multimedia solution that is focused on clubbing mainly, but it has been specifically augmented for this particular space. The main consideration was to design an impressive installation that can provide high-quality visual shows that can be controlled manually using VJing-style modules, or to be fully-automated so that easiness, functionality and quality are never compromized. The system offers real-time visualizations, audviosual synchronization, DMX, MIDI, and hardware support for easier and faster access to features of the program. 

The installation consists of a large projection screen of 10x2m, four short-throw projectors, 6 LCD screens, and a computer system that was designed for this specific installation in order to support multiscreen output, great resolution values, and fast graphics acceleration. The material that is projected on the screens comes from various sources such as real-time generated graphics, logo flash animations, footage clips, music videos, scrolling text (entered in real time), special visual effects, live camera feeds, and realtime audio visualizations. Most of the system functions are based on the software application that is developed by SoniconLab, VJ Mode, which provides a fast and efficient way to design visual shows in large scale installations.


Further than this, SoniconLab was responsible in creating all the visual imagery, such as posters, ads, visual clips, promotional videos, and so on. Part of the visual clips were used from VJ Clips Bank 001, and in the following video you can have a look at the main intro video. 


Tags: vjing, installation, software, clubbing, visual show

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