Kalliston Live - System Installation

Kalliston is a live music venue and modern entertainment facility in eastern Crete. In this space SoniconLab was responsible to design, implement, and develop a sophisticated multimedia system to control almost all audio and visual needs. A large multiscreen projection of size 14x3 meters was installed, and four short-throw projectors with 6.000 ANSI Lumens were mounted on the ceiling to provide a bright and clear image. The whole system is controlled from a custom software that was developed by SoniconLab. Some of the functions of the program include: multiscreen control (set number of screens, keystone, edge-blending), HD video playback, custom templates, visualizations, effects, live cameras, and DMX support. With this specific application the user is able to control all the multimedia files of the system, and create timelines of automated actions so that a full show can be accomplished. Moreover, a database with visual clips was created to assist the needs of this particular customer. The system is on display from September 2009.

Tags: multiscreen, projection, visuals, multimedia, signage

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