Journey to the West - A Planetary Fairytale


J2W is a project developed for Roy Ascott for the reactivation of "La Plissure du Texte" (1984, Paris) in Shanghai Biennale 2012-2013


For this initiative, 50 participants from around the world took part in a real-time seminal work of distributed authorship that unfolds with the use of Skype. Each participant is assigned a mythical character from a range of cultures (such as Greek, English and Chinese), and takes part in a collaborative discussion that relate to one of the most classical novels in Chinese literature (known in Western translations as Monkey).


The text that is sent from the characters/participants is visualized in various forms using custom developed software (mainly Processing). The final visualization is projected in Roy Ascott's gallery space in Shanghai Biennale 2012-2013. Visitors are able to virtually navigate in the conversation and explore the narrative that is constructed in real time. 3D variations of the narrative also exist, and can be navigated with the use of three-dimensional controllers, such as LeapMotion, Kinect, and SpaceNavigator.


Tags: processing, interactive, installation, art, authorship, narrative

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