Interactive Digital Signage for Hotels

St. George Lycabettus Hotel, one of the most remarkable hotels in Greece located in the centre of Athens with an astonishing view of Acropolis, asked for the development of an interactive digital signage application that would help its visitors to get instant access to helpful information. For this reason, a proposal was made for 3 digital kiosks with large LCD touchscreen displays to be used as the main interface for a signage application. The system offers options for the visitors to get access to information for hotel news and offers, navigation map, weather, airport flights, local and national time, live streaming international news, area map with interesting sightseeing, entertainment suggestions, and so on. Moreover, it is possible to provide ad placements with sponsored messages, realtime announcements, and utilities for wellbeing (atmospheric music accompanied with visual imagery).


Tags: interactive, digital signage, touchscreen, interface

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