Aurora Festival

For the requirements of the Aurora Festival, one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in Greece, SoniconLab developed a software application for the creation, selection, and mixing of visual material that is projected on a 50 square meters LED screen. The program becomes an intelligent visual synthesizer that analyzes music in real-time and creates optical events that match closely the live acoustic energy. Based on a smart engine and a unique image generator, the system collects visual elements from a stored database and with the use of visual processing algorithms creates innovative graphics that are displayed on the enormous screen. The system is fully automated, however the user may control the system for a VJ performance, and it can also be controlled using MIDI with any hardware/software device. As a result, this application becomes a high standards solution for the design of visual material that is needed in festivals, dance events and clubs, and it is able to provide automatically hundreds of hours with impressive-never-seen-before visuals and motion graphics.

Tags: vj mode, vjing, performance, software, visuals, festival, LED, dance

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