Welcome to Sonicon Lab, a multidisciplinary team that balances between computer science, audiovisual engineering, and new media technology. We create media performance systems that range from experimental to commercial, and we provide innovative solutions that are not met with current standards.

Sonicon Lab is comprised from a team of media artists, graphic designers, VFX artists, animators, composers, sound designers, software developers, and audiovisual technicians. Our current research interests relate to new media systems and technologies, programming and interactivity, as well as new interfaces for audiovisual expression and performance.

A range of installations and interactive systems that we design demand novel ways of interfacing and communicating with the digital content. This is the main reason why we design our own software applications either for experimental, artistic, or commercial installations. We approach every installation holistically creating and designing every aspect of its aesthetic quality, functionality, and technological innovation. One of our main concern is to find new ways of transforming interior spaces with the use of digital media technology and developing new concepts of communication and interaction.

In the following pages you will see some of our work, products and installations. Please leave your comments or suggestions here.

SoniconLab Team

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SoniconLab Products

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    VJ Mode
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    Music Cafe
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    MultiVideo Station
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    VJ Clips

Installation Work

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Learning / Workshops

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    Code Examples
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